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With a play on words the title could be interpreted as my loose-fitting one-piece garment for wearing over ordinary clothes, for protection against dirt, heavy wear or the Experience. Or could it be interpreted as the ability to experience everything…

Well that is what the CJBS Social Media Driving Licence has done for me, it has opened my mind to a whole new experience and overall, I am really pleased and satisfied, I can access everything that is out there on the internet and I very confident using it now, I can express myself in many new ways with social media, where as before I was inhibited by time, see my thoughts from Week 2.

I am a lot more confident now using social media since participating in the Social Media driving License. I feel the course was well delivered and was a lot of fun, I genuinely enjoyed it. However, I wish I had made more time to explore all the tools in more depth but there is nothing like learning on the job, so, I look forward to becoming more familiar with and using my new social media tools as I flitter into my advanced years.

I enjoy using Twitter and tweet regularly, soon to be 5 times an hour minimum, in order to promote the spectacular Accelerate Cambridge Programme @AccelerateCam. After all I am the Coordinator and it is the best job ever.

Looking back on the Tweetahon, I love winning and hate live-tweeting!

The most fun for me was Serious Lego Play. It summed up the learning experience, working together to achieve something together. It was an innovative way to create team harmony, to learn and develop a concept/idea or solve a problem as a team and more importantly, having fun whilst learning. Many thanks to the Borg (aka Matt Borg).

I tried to get the image credits for the Overall Boys at the top, using TinEye but they couldn’t find it! So credit to the boys and whoever took the shot, I will use TinEye again though.

TinEye Capture

SMDL Likes

Blogging: getting the word out

Twitter: come fly with us

Twitter tools: curation, control and reach

Google: more than just a search engine



Guide to Feedly (Week 5)

This is my final homework assignment for the CJBSsmdl, YEA BABY, finished before the deadline, yeehaaaaaaa :)!!!

Thank you so much Andy, Ange, Georgina and Sarah, Jo and Mark for making it so much fun! Please also thank your special guests for giving up their time to share their Social Media experiences with us.

Thank You, Well done and Good Work to all my CJBSsmdl Classmates!



Caring and Sharing

I care about everyone and everything, in varying degrees of importance to me, family, friends and obviously the situation I am in. I share everything, in different amounts, depending on, who needs it, what they need it for, why they need and how much they need.

Hugs and cuddles are for caring and sharing!

 Tree Hugger Photo Pin is a free tool that helps bloggers and designers find beautiful photos for blogs and websites using Creative Commons licensing. 

Having tools such as Photo Pin to care and share photos have the same emotional value a live physical hug or cuddle has. As long as you acknowledge the licensing laws and agreements, obviously the photographer should be given the recognition they deserve and rights retained and royalties given. Peter’s post sums it up succinctly


photo credit: <ahref=””>fauxto_digit</a&gt; via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>cc</a&gt;

What is Goodle about Doodle?

I love Google it is fast, fun and finds what you want, when you want it and it seems to have an application, platform, drive for anything and everything. What more could you ask for? Well there is so much more, things that I didn’t even know that existed. I think the Google Philosophy sums it up. It echoes what I think about Google or should it be what Google thinks about me?

One hell of a very proud of our team & leading the way. Ta

I am hip! The value of Storify…

As I get older and less tolerant of new stuff, I am happy that i’m being dragged into the new world by the Social Media Driving Licence sessions.Thanks  for making the sessions understandable and fun &  for encouraging me to take part and I really mean that @AccelerateCam will surely benefit.

I love what Storify can do, anyone can create a meaningful accurate story (as long as the truth is out there). See below for what I went through on 9th of August last year, Best birthday present I ever had and wow did I feel good after it, incredible pain management, you can’t beat that!

Check out the bone on bone in the before picture on the left and the metal in bone in the after picture on the right!

Bone on Bone and then Bionic

I can now do this again after many years of intense pain!

I can do it again!

The 2 Storifys below gives you an idea what it is all about:

Hope you enjoyed it!

Best for now.










Tweetathon! Blog all about it!!!

So despite winning

 at the CJBS Social Media Live tweetathon, I must say that I didn’t enjoy the experience at all and would only do it again if I was paid a lot of money. Don’t get me wrong I completely understand the value of live tweeting an event and in theory it is simply another way of taking minutes. However, I feel it is disrespectful to the speaker and the ‘call centre’ environment is extremely distracting. It also made me wonder whether if I could truly rely on the accuracy of someone else’s tweets about any event, as it is simply the interpretation of the person tweeting. Why not live stream the event? We have the technology. Having said that, I respect the experts   , who demonstrated that it can be done successfully and it is a developable skill.

I tried writing this blog last night once the kids were finally in bed after being superheroes for as long as I have known them!

I had just watched England draw against Costa Coffee for pride and the boys are ‘coming home’, now comes the real football. We lost to Tea Lanka, although  my Superhero, hyponotised me with his honest down to earth analysis of England cricket on , I succumbed to accepting that ‘this is England’ accept it!

Just before I went for my long deserved slumber last night, which was rudely interrupted by a trip to the potty and “daddy, my legs don’t work, can you carry me?” I attempted to do my  homework and blog about the live tweetathon. I wrote a lengthy interesting humorous blog, which I was most pleased with until I pressed some key on the keyboard by accident and lost everything! The post had embedded tweets, links to events, representative emotive images and I had aspirations of winning another prize as I now have the blogging bug. So what you have here is this morning’s sterling effort.

Although I lost my homework last night, I was pleased with my achievements yesterday. I had a day off, which was filled with completed chores and celebrated with a tasty roast chicken dinner whilst watching the #englandvsCostarica game and a scrumptious Italian Shiraz, maybe that was the cause of the disappearing post!

Anyway I am really looking forward to week 5 of  covering and ( ).

Blogging about tweeting, what does it mean?

Taking part in the Social media Driving Licence!

Tweeting as I see it is just another method of communication, depending on which side of the desk you are sitting, determines its importance and regularity of use. It is an exciting sophisticated form of communication, which a few years ago was cutting edge but now, so common place it has found and cemented its niche amongst a diverse and multi-method world of instant communication.

Tweets that I hear about and read, reflect how and what we feel when we communicate, we have simply added digital emotion to the technology of communication. Every tweet is more effective with an image, you will receive a larger readership if you include a hashtag that is associated with the topic or people who are interested in that topic, people will read on if you give them something empathetic, inspirational or aspirational.

Have a taste of some of my tweets which are all about promoting @AccelerateCam and what we do.

#URUvsENG 8pm, NO chance of doing #cjbssmdl homework! @CambridgeJBS can’t @doitanywayok ! Not sure I can make class Friday either #EngvSL

Rule No:1 What the West Can Learn from Jugaad @stratandbiz#innovation @JaideepPrabhu@CambNetwork@cjbs#startup

Sanctimonious me, did litter pick during lunch whilst on my @stjohnambulance course! @AccelerateCam @KeepBritainTidy


I have touched on a few thoughts that I have about twitter and would love to spend more time blogging about tweeting but my email inbox and my to do list won’t like it, never mind what my boss wants, it all prohibits me form spending anymore time blogging, shame, oh and I forgot lunch, it’s now 14:13 and I have a meeting in 17 minutes! Argh – I am not ready ;(

Umm… I smell lunch, it’s a ham and cheese Panini but it’s not mine..!

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